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Instant Taro Pudding Powder 2.2lb

Powders used to make flavored pudding that can be added to any drink. Flavored pudding is commonly used for bubble tea, Boba tea, shaved ice, speciality desserts and drinks…etc. The following recipe can teach you how to make it at home. Pudding Recipe (Makes approximately 10 quarts) ---------------------------------

2.2 lbs (1 bag) pudding powder 2.4 lbs white sugar 5 pots (8-9 quarts) of water

1) Boil the 5 pots of water. 2) Add pudding powder and white sugar into boiling water. Stir until all dissolved. 3) Set the mixture aside at room temperature for 10-12 hours. 4) Place mixture into refrigerator. 5) Pudding is ready to serve once chilled.

*For best taste, prepare the pudding the night before serving. Once prepared, pudding can last up to 1 week when refrigerated.

Also great for frozen yogurt

Taste this premium flavored powder. Mix various flavor with different ice cream or bubble tea will definitely enhance your flavors of drinks.

Serve boba using authentic flavors, importet from taiwan.

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